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Year/s: Started 2014
Project title: Som Paral·lel

Organisers: Som Paral·lel
Collaborations: Raons Públiques, neighbourhood associations, organisations
Kind of project: Platform claiming neighbours rights
Main subject: Neighbourhood participation in urban planning
Key concepts: Gentrification, “touristification”, participation

Som Paral·lel arose in the districts of Poble Sec, the Raval and Sant Antoni in order "to stop the Paral·lel reform project and start a process of local participation." The platform has made a proposal, approved by assembly, aimed at improving the quality of life of the Paral·lel and its surroundings.
There are two main strands to the proposal: the approval of a land-use plan, and measures to bring public spaces and lighting up to standard. The participants in Som Paral·lel insist that steps be taken to ensure that the reform project is not preoccupied excessively with increasing the district's business-friendliness, nor with handing out permits for too many recreational bars, while also insisting upon a decrease in traffic circulation within the district as part of the reform.

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Photo: Som Paral·lel // Intervia 

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