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Year/s: Started 1987
Project title: El Lokal

Organisers: Associació Cultural El Raval-El Lokal
Collaborations: Organisations, artists, collectives, alternative publishing
Kind of project: Self-managed alternative centre
Main subject: Creating networks of grassroot and counter-cultural action
Key concepts: Ateneu, resistance, self-management, activism

El Lokal is a place for meeting, for exchange, for passing across information. Since 1987 it invigilated over the creation and experimentation of new projects, protest and resistance meetings, and the sale and distribution of alternative materials and of libertarian culture. From its opening until today, El Lokal, working as an assembly, has collaborated in reflecting and exchanging experiences toraise questions about the status quo. Among the groups hostedat El Lokal are: Masala, La Distri, La Coordinadora contra l'especulació del Raval, Col·lectiu Tramuntana, Fet per rates, as well as distributors, publishers and alternative projects.

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Photo: El Lokal

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