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Year/s: Started 1988
Project title: Ca la Dona

Organisers: Ca la Dona
Collaborations: Membership and other organisations
Kind of project: Formative and political
Main subject: Meeting place for women and women collectives
Key concepts: Feminism, collective, political reflection

... " Ca la Dona is a place of encounter and relationship between women and women's groups, open to
women proposals . It's a physical space, but especially symbolic, a place of political experiences, reflection and production of thought ... a place where each group can organise and carry out their activities, where they can put on cultural events, meetings, statements .... "
... "Over the years, many groups have been
in Ca la Dona, some have disappeared, newones have been created and, in general, there are many women who, in one way or another, have made Ca la Dona a landmark of the feminist movement in Catalonia.”

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Photo: Ca la Dona

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