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Year/s: Reopening 2007
Project title:Teatre del Raval

Organisers: Factoria Artipolis
Collaborations: Organisations and schools
Tipus de projecte: Theatre, Cultural venue
Main subject: Social and Family theatre
Key concepts: Architectural heritage, innovation

The Teatre del Raval aim
s to create a space for theatrical experimentation, creation and exhibition, as well as providing a space for reflection, with politically and socially committed projects, in which language and speech are tools of social protest.
The Teatre del Raval
is a theatre in the romantic, classicalItalian style, forming part of the facilities of the Parroquia de Nuestra Señora del Carmen. The building has been restored, and its facilities modernised.
The theatre runs a programme, chosen by an arts advisory board,ofsocially-engaged plays, weekend family shows, and educational sessions, the latter organisedby arrangement with schools.

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Photo: Teatre del Raval

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