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Year/s: Started 2013
Project title: La Negreta

Organisers:Individual and collective membership
Collaborations: Organisations, neighbours, users
Kind of project: Social space
Main subject: Socially engaged space promoting political, social and cultural participation
Key concepts: Collective, association, activism

Social space rooted in the
Gòtic quarter. A welcoming space within the neighbourhood, managed by user-participants. The main objective is "to encourage political, social and cultural participation in order tochange the deplorable current state of affairs in favour of the majority...We especially want to fight together "against those policies from various institutions which make our lives harder; the complete handover of the district to tourists, the cutting of pensions, the unemployment and the job insecurity, the privatisation of health ... "
The space brings together the Associació de Veïns i Veïnes del Gòtic, Organic consumers group El Bròquil, the Sindicat d'Arquitectes, the CUP de Ciutat Vella, the Club Dinàmic, the Associació Catalana Contra la Contaminació Acústica and Assemblea del Gòtic, among others.

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Photo: La Negreta

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