Year/s: Started 1993
Project title: RAI

Organisers: Associació RAI (Recursos d'Animació SocioCultural)
Collaborations: Collectives, users, artists
Kind of project: Social and cultural Space
Main subject: Project for social, cultural , and educational transformation
Key concepts: multiculturalism, sustainability, self-management

RAI is a non-profit, independent and assembly-basedyouth association in the heart of CIutat Vella, offering cultural and educational resources. The main objective is "to promote initiatives for teenagers, and byteenagers, through values such as multiculturalism, culture of peace, participation, sustainability, associations, creativity, self-management, etc. "
Among its activities are:
arts, languages, multiculturalism, gender, and other topics
Artistic activities: Training, exchanges, projects supporting
the arts
Shows, movies, documentaries, lectures,
meeting bar.
Catalogue of services, leisure education,
street activities.

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Photo: RAI

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