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Year/s: 2002-2007
Project title: CSOA Ruina Amalia

Organisers: Assemblea Okupació Ruina Amalia
Collaborations: CSOAs, Neighbours
Kind of project: Occupied Social Centre
Main subject: Protest against property speculation and intellectual property
Key concepts: Okupació, hacklab, social space

One of the last social centr
e squats in Barcelona city centre, with a wide social activity.
Ruina Amalia was a
n extremely active neighbourhood centre, involved in local struggles, becoming a space of shared resources, aiming to promote joint projects. Despite enjoying broad support, members were evicted from the squatin 2007 to make way for another gap-site in the neighbourhood of Raval.

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Ref: #046

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Photo: La Haine/Normalverbraucher

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