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Year/s: 2006-2010
Project title: Espai Social Magdalenes

Organisers: Associació Magdalenes
Collaborations: Collectives, organisations
Kind of project: Social,cultural, and protest space
Main subject: Project to promote self-management and in defence of human rights
Key concepts: social justice, solidarity, cooperation

The Magdalenes Social Space was a project located in
the Ciutat Vella which aimed to encourage self-management and to promote initiatives in defence of the "right to housing, right to the city, the right to freedom of movement of migrant peoples, the right to political participation and the right to the free access and production of culture. "
The ES Magdalenes
created a network within the CIutat Vella, organising a variety of protest actions to reclaim spaces within the neighbourhood.
ESM was
a meeting place for neighbourhood associations, movements in defence of the right to housing (VdeVivienda, Taller contra la Violència Immobiliària i Urbanística), movements in defence of the rights of migrant peoples (Espai de Desobediència a les Fronteres), as well as initiatives to promote the use of free software, championing unrestricted access to cultural production and distribution.

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