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Year/s: 2010-2011
Project title: Tornem a la Rambla

Organisers: Col·lectiu Accions Urbanes
Collaborations: Ajac, Coac, Ass. Veïns Barri Gòtic
Kind of project: Creative and protest actions
Main subject: Actions reclaiming public space
Key concepts: Activism, architecture, urban planning, city, housing

"Tornem a la Rambla"
was a project of the Col·lectiu Accions Urbanes. This initiative established a device – the walking tour- to promote the debate on the transformation affecting users of the Ramblas, users such as residents and workers, which has caused the disappearance of local commerce, creating a "fictitious scenario, tourist-friendly and marketable" and which has also caused the deterioration of the space as a meeting place.
After the tour, discussion and
a sharing of experiences, a participatory process was proposed, to draw up a proposal for new uses, discussing a possible ecological tax and denouncing the violation of rights.

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Photo: Javier Cadenas Álvarez

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