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Year/s: 2009-2010
Project title: Al final de la Rambla

Organisers: Josep Bohigas (curator) i Estudiants ELISAVA (designers)
Collaborations: ELISAVA, CCCB, Arts Santa Mónica
Kind of project:
Artistic project
Main subject: Urban intervencions, Public Space, architecture, urbanism, disseny
Key concepts:
Ramblas, mobile device, homeless, surveillance cameras, prostitution

Al final de la Rambla was an exercise in urban interventions developed by a group of students from ELISAVA with the objective of identifying the problems of the urban area which includes the last stretch of the Ramblas in Barcelona, in order to propose methodologies of implementation through design. Projects proposed were; a mobile device for delivering hot meals to homeless people who frequented the vicinity; a short film made by editing recordings taken from surveillance cameras in the area; interventions upon different walls of institutional buildings; and the coronation of Monica, an emblematic prostitute within the district of the Raval. These works were presented in an exhibition at Arts Santa Monica, also located "at the end of La Rambla."

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