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Year/s: 2012
Project title: Artesans

Organisers: Ramón Parramón (curator). Iconoclasistas, Efrain Foglia i Jordi Canudas (artists).
Collaborations: La Capella, Ajuntament de Barcelona, AcVic, Escolas La Sínia i Mila i Fontanals.
Kind of project:
Main subject: public space design, education, technology, participatory processes
Key concepts:
artisan collective, social space, self-management, networks, citizens

The idea of Artesans refers to the fact that all the projects presented were based on experience of material or immaterial construction, which combined aspects founded upon collective work, the transmission of knowledge, and a relationship to the social space or territory (Sennett, 2009). The intention behind the exhibition was to influence self-managed social processes which activated collective strategies, built networks, and sought alternative systems for citizens, connected to creative practices or by means of these practices. Among the presented projects, those developed within the specific context of the Ciutat Vella were Cartografies colaborarivas Vic-Barcelona (Iconoclasistas), (Efraín Foglia) and El gran joc-Els constructors Remei-Raval (Jordi Canudas).

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