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Year/s: 2004
Project title: Captura el Raval

Organisers: Albert Cantero Blanca Isabel Cardoso, Marta Cortiona, Fatima Kamal, Enrico Missana, . Mohamed Laiti, Moises Paredes Amad, Muhammad Sulemam Tahir, Galeem Uddin
Collaborations: OVNI, CCCB
Kind of project:
Artistic project
Main subject: workshops, video documentary
Key concepts:
neighbor, exploration, visual language, cityscape, district

Captura Raval was a workshop aimed at residents in the Raval area, conducted during the months of March, April and May 2004 with a dual purpose: to educate vision based upon exploration, and to learn expression through audio-visual language. Captura Raval also aimed to create portraits of the neighbourhood from the people's own point of view. (Source: OVNI).

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