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Year/s: 2011
Project title: Desde mi balcón: Espacio público: rutinas, pluralidad y democracia

Organisers: Virginie Manuel and Mariona Omedes
Collaborations: CCCB, vecinos Raval, Producción Ico Romero, TVE
Kind of project:
Artistic project
Main subject: documentary video, urbanism, public space
Key concepts:
balcony observatory plurality neighborhood pedestrian routines, changing space, democracy

This work aims to take the viewer to a balcony in the Raval, a privileged observatory of the great changes in the neighbourhood between 1996 and 2009. There, in front of the viewer, the hectic life of the neighbourhood unfolded, with scenes featuring residents and pedestrians who make the vital and changing public space within the area their own. (Source: CCCB).

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