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Year/s: 2013-2014
Project title: Jo faig el carrer. Joan Colom

Organisers: David Balsells and Jorge Ribalta
Collaborations: MNAC
Kind of project:
Main subject: Retrospective photographic work of Joan Colom on "Barri Xino" 1957-2010
Key concepts:
photography, documentary, prostitution, economy of means, secrecy, exclusion

This exhibition was developed in a narrative format in an attempt to explain the work of the photographer within its sociocultural context, and in order to give a broader view. Colom's photographs from 1957 to 2010, were exhibited, divided into two distinct parts to symbolise the interruption which Colom's production suffered from 1964 to 1990. Joan Colom is a photographer known for his work in the sixties, during which he secretly photographed the inhabitants of the Barri Xino ( Chinatown) of Barcelona, ​​focusing especially upon sex workers and the socially marginalised. (Source: La Vanguardia).

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