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Year/s: 2014
Project title: Le Camion de Zahïa. Conversations après le paradis perdu

Organisers: Mireia Sallarès
Collaborations: MACBA
Kind of project:
Artistic project
Main subject: public space, urban, documentary
Key concepts:
territory, citizenship, speculation, corruption, democracy, film forum

As part of the work, Le Camion de Zahia, Conversations après li paradis perdu, which revolves around urban change and its impact upon people's lives, the artist selected a series of documentaries to project onto the side of the truck itself in a series of free sessions every Friday afternoon during April and May 2014. The selection included workssuch as De Nens by Joaquim Jordà, El Forat by Chema Faconetti Penya, Ombres Xineses by col·lectiu Postcul, andCiutat Morta by Xavier Artigas and Xapo Ortega, which reflect upon the transformation of Barcelona and more particularly in the area of the Ciutat Vella, and the consequences this transformation has had on inhabitantsduring the last ten years. (Source: MACBA)

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