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Year/s: 2009
Project title: Màcula. La vida en blanc

Organisers: Jordi Canudas (artist)
Collaborations: La Virreina, SIDA STUDI, ACASC (Associació Ciutadana Anti-Sida de Catalunya), ÀMBIT Prevenció i APIP (Associació per a la Promoció i la Inserció Professional), Jenifer L. Johnson, Margarita Maragall and María José Vázquez.
Kind of project:
artistic project
Main subject: research, interviews, workshops, installation
Key concepts:
HIV / AIDS, communication, meeting, intimate-public collective imagination, destigmatize

Màcula, La vida en blanc attempted to talk about HIV / AIDS from an everyday context, and in a certain way, from the perspective of normality, giving a voice to the people living their daily lives with HIV, who live in, or who have connections to, the Raval of Barcelona. Transcripts of their voices were displayed on a table-board, as a place of communication and contact between, on the one hand, the private and intimate spheres of those realities expressed in the transcripts, and, on the other, the public sphere involved in the project's presentation. A meeting between the collective imaginary surrounding HIV / AIDS and the day-to-day reality of people with HIV. (Source: Jordi Canudas)

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