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Year/s: 2007
Project title: Recorridos. 1978-1983. (Walks, 1978-1983)

Organisers: Jorge Ribalta (curator), Manolo Laguillo (artist)
Collaborations: MACBA
Kind of project:
Main subject: photography, documentary, urban
Key concepts:
Barcelona, history, camera, document

The series of photographs in this book was created over three decades, the result of a sense of style which was present from the very beginning. The whole series aimed for internal consistency, to be seen from different points of view. As well as being a documentary of what stood in front of the camera -- the story of Barcelona -- it also speaks of things hidden behind the story. (Source: Manolo Laguillo)

 + info: Jorge Ribalta (ed.) Barcelona, 1978-1997...Manolo Laguillo, MACBA, 2007

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