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Year/s: 2010
Project title: Taller Traces of Autism

Organisers: Idensitat-Ramon Parramon (curator), Traces of Autism (artists)
Collaborations: La Capella, Ajuntament de Barcelona, Artwork'09, Goethe Institut de Barcelona, Consulat dels Països Baixos i Elisava Escuela Superior de Diseño.
Kind of project:
exhibition and workshop
Main subject: public space, cartography, participatory processes
Key concepts:
critical cartography, archiving audiovisual methodologies territory

Traces of Autism [Jozua Zaagman, Maartje Dros, Jacqueline Schoemaker] was an interdisciplinary working group convened to analyse and map the territory covered during the course of a series of walking tours through public space, to produce an archive of objets trouvés and translate this archive into maps, texts, images and videos. As part of iD # 5 Ciutats Intervingudes (La Capella, Barcelona, 2010), a workshop was designed to apply this methodology throughout Barcelona, which was attended by a group from the Master's degree course in Design and Public Space at Elisava as well as other designers, artists and architects.

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