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Year/s: 2006
Project title: Terme Raval

Organisers: Rosa Pera (curator); Hendrick Dusollier, Daniel Narváez, Raúl Arroyo i Ramón González, Rotor + Dionís Escorsa, Juan Carlos Gómez, Jordi Garcia, Sigfredo García, Antonio Rubio, Abdeljah Elbouhav, Luis Ossiel Olivares, Elena Marí y Radialnet (artists).
Collaborations: La Capella, Ajuntament de Barcelona
Kind of project:
Main subject: work in progress, social networking, citizen participation, urban intervention
Key concepts:
topography, location, citizenship, kitchen, future

As a topography of a situation, Terme Raval presented a series of visual and written documents which took the evolution of the Raval district as its main strand of reflection, comparing the recent past with the present, as a prelude to a probably mutable and multi-faceted future. Thus, Terme Raval constructed an itinerary from the transformation document to the elaboration of new dynamics driven by the youngest generation of citizens living in the Raval: a complex social reality, rich in nuances and expectations for the future. (Source: Institut de Cultura BCN).

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