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Year/s: 1993-1997
Project title: Tallers Oberts Ciutat Vella

Organisers: Associacio Cultural Espais per a la Creació. Tallers Oberts : Jeffrey Swartz, Art Larsen, Menchu Graña, Mario Galindo, Roberto Coromina, Francesc Gorgues, Patricia Soler, Oriol Font
Collaborations: Ajuntament de Barcelona, AFAD, ICUB, FAD, Col•legi de Arquitectes de Catalunya
Kind of project:
Artistic project
Main subject: arts, urbanism, heritage, self-management
Key concepts: city showcase-town workshop, industrial heritage, speculation, open workshops 

The first project of Tallers Oberts Ciutat Vella, together with Barcelona Taller (Sophie Borthwick, Quim Tarrida, Miquel Baixas), marked some of the Tallers Oberts’ general guidelines, as well as for other programmes such as Fábricas para la creación. Taller Oberts Ciutat Vella was one of the first local projects to reflect upon the city’s industrial heritage, fallen into disuse, and the problem of speculation, insisting upon forcing the contrast between city-showcase and city workshop. Among various public activities, a conference was organised at the Colegio de Arquitectos de Catalunya. (Source: Jeffrey Swartz).

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