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Video interviews about the concept ZOMBIE SPACES.

Zombie Spaces is a project which analyses, points to and promotes collective proposals in a particular area, which, through the confluence of several complex and often unrelated circumstances, define a contorted landscape.

The process of zombification within a site is caused by a confluence of various elements, such as public and private over-accumulation of interests within the same sites, the overproduction of projects which overlap and engulf each other, and by the life which the site sustains, reorganising itself beyond the hostility of circumstances. The zombie space is defined by ideational fragments which never fully materialised. A zombie space is a place which comes back to life, ill-fitting and disfigured, in spite of numerous attempts to plan it out as an articulated whole. The combination between the logic of speculation, public management dragged along by private interests, the rehashing of poorly adapted models, the paralysis of ongoing works initiated before the crisis, the flux of migration and the emergence of new activities, disconnection from the site's historical processes; these and other elements, specific to each space, turn these areas into places which, designed and built according to these pressures, facilitate the deterioration of social and living conditions. A zombie space is not a dead space, but a space where various ways of disjointed living have been reorganized.
Resurrected by the confluence of multiple projects, many of them unfinished or aborted in favour of other projects, other policies, other economic interests, other external circumstances of an extralocal nature, these zombie spaces trace out coarse urban landscapes which continue to function with disfigurations produced by the combined will of a number of people, or of institutions, to vivify them according to their own images and likenesses.

Project: Idensitat

Video: Gaspar Maza / Daniel Ramírez

  FRANCESC MAGRINYÀ. Urbanist. Professor at Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (Barcelona)
DAVID PICÓ. Social educator.
  JORGE FERNÁNDEZ GONZALO. Writer. Author of Filosofia Zombi.
  RAMON PARRAMON. Artist. Idensitat's director.
  GASPAR MAZA. Anthropologist, professor of Universitat Rovira i Virgili (Tarragona).
  FRANCESC MUÑOZ. Urban geographer, professor of Univesitat Autónoma (Barcelona).