Translocacions 01Roulotte Magazine, 2015.
The magazine Roulotte is a publication made in the framework of the project Translocations. Temporary experiences, artistic practices and local contexts. The publication allows us to become familiar with the texts written by authors that have been invited to the international conferences, the most noteworthy projects to come from the projects and artistic interventions file, and the development of the critical cartography workshop.

Art, educative action and middle cities
Artistic experiences unfolded in the context of Avinyó and Manresa during 2011-2015 as part of the Transversal Aesthetics program.

No mans land Publicacion alfonso borraganPUBLICATION NO MAN'S LAND, ALFONSO BORRAGAN
Fanzine in the framework of Transversal Aesthetics - Leisure ecosystems
Idensitat + Centro de Arte Contemporáneo Huarte, 2018- 2019

logo camins vng CAST

In the framework of Camins i·lustrats project, Vilanova i la Geltrú 2019.
Raquel Friera, Francisco Navarrete Sitja, Martí Madala and students of Manuel Cabanyes High School (VNG)

llibre narang portada

ideadestroyingmuros in the framework of Transversal Aesthetics - Leisure Ecosistems
Idensitat + Consorci de Museus de la Comunitat Valenciana, 2018-2019

Publication of Nyam Nyam residence / Transversal Aesthetics - Leisure Ecosystems
Idensitat + Consorci de Museus de la Comunitat Valenciana

Francisco Navarrete Sitja - 2019. Idensitat + Centro de Arte Contemporáneo Huarte.
15.02.2020_Presentation of the publication created within the framework of Transversal Aesthetics - Peripheral Ecosystems / 2017-2018


The publication  A contribution from cultural and creative actors to citizens’ empowerment is the report resulting from the European cultural cooperation project ECLECTIS- European Citizens’ Laboratory for Empowerment: CiTIes Shared which was developed between 2013 and 2014 in the cities of Amsterdam, Barcelona, Kotor, Ljubljana, Paris and Torres Vedras.

Cities, communities and artistic practices. Idensitat, 2012
This publication collects the work of various artists and researchers who were involved in Idensitat’s activities. Idensitat is an arts project investigating ways to influence the public sphere by creative proposals in relation to place or territory, working through its physical dimension and social structure.

local visitant portada ENGHOME AWAY. Art in social space. Idensitat, 2009
This book summarises the production and documentation projects carried out in the 4th edition of Idensitat between 2007 and 2009 including a series of dialogues among different artists, educators, cultural managers and experts on related subjects.

Priorat 1

Priorat Stories, Priorat Centre d'Art i Idensitat, 2010.
Somebody told me.... I remember that... Priorat today...Published after the project "Stories and Places" by the collective Sans Façon for Idensitat#4. Home/Away. Art and creation in the social space. This project is a result of a collaboration between Priorat Centre d'Art and Idensitat.

Art, Experiences and Territories in Process. Idensitat, 2008 
Constitutes an expanded vision of the creative activity that intervenes in territory. It suggests a revision of the public space examined from a postdisciplinary perspective.

Pleased to Meet You. Photo album of Calaf Nicolás Dumit Estévez. 2007
This publication presents the material compiled during Nicolás Dumit Estévez`s "Pleased to meet you". The project constitutes a synthesis that goes beyond mere documentation of the process.

Sit Manresa: Territorial Interpretation Service. SiteSize, Idensitat 2008
SIT Manresa, is a project realized by SiteSize included in Idensitat #3. This publication have as starting point this work developed in Manresa during 2007.

Collectives in Atomised Time. Naeem Mohaiemen + Doug Ashford, Idensitat 2006
This book publishes the work developed by Visible Collective among 2004 and 2006. It publishes also a series of works carried out by Material Group among ends of the 80 medium y of the 90 of them. It consist in a conversation between Naeem Mohaiemen from Visible Collective and Dug Ashford from Group Material.

Idensitat / Calaf - Manrsea 05. Projects, Idensitat 2006
This publication, published in April 2006, summarizes the different projects included in IDENSITAT # 3. Community space, interaction, identity, communication, confrontation, participation, conflict... are elements that, linked to social and cultural factors of the place, become activating instruments to project and intervene in the public space from the field of creation.

The uncommun place

The [un] common place. Bartolomeo Pietromarchi. Fondazione Adriano Olivetti, ACTAR. 2005
This book summarizes the research project Trans: it. Moving culture through Europe, a journey through creative practices in the arts, architecture and urban research which redefine the concept of public space in Europe.

idensitat 2001-2002

 CLF_BCN 01-02, Idensitat 2001/2002
This publication brings together the experiences of the Idensitat Programme during the course of 2001-2002. It is the second edition of a group of actions and acts which began in the town of Calaf as a context which has made possible the existence of a laboratory where combine creative and artistic practices linked to different social layers of the community.

 Public Art Calaf, Idensitat 1999-2000
This publication shows the works developed during the first edition of IDENSITAT called  Calaf Public Art, event that took place between 1999 and 2000. The project came into being in response to the idea of promoting interventions in public space with particular emphasis on the working process and the incorporation of aspects of reflection and debate.

DEBAT LA CAPELLAArt Public. Calaf 99-00. Projects, debates and videos.
An exhibition presented of the projects selected in the international call for proposals by the town of Calaf in July 1999. The common theme of all these works was the reflection on public art, and they proposed interventions in the specific public space of Calaf, embracing social and cultural factors characteristic of the town.