Year/s: 2003 - 2008
Project title: El solar per al Barri

Organisers: Collective El Solar per al Barri,
Collaborations: Mesa Folch i Torres, Taula del Raval, A Barcelona la participació canta, neighbours and organisations
Project type: Community participation, reclamation of district space
Main subject: Acall for urban planning based upon a process of district participation
Key concepts: Participation, mobbing, property speculation, privatisation

In 2003 the City Council suddenly closed the Folch i Torres Swimming Pool and proceeded directly to its demolition. As construction of a new transit route through the site began,a series of protests and neighbourhood assemblies started up, discussion groups were organised and, from these, proposals were made and were publicly exhibited. As the urbanisation project is going ahead without any true real relationship to the surroundings, the Collective El Solar per al Barri demandedan invitation to participate in a monitoring committee, but did not succeed inmaking any changes to the project, which was signed and closed. In 2008, when construction began, the monitoring committee demandedthatthe project be based upon a process of real participation, that public land should not be sold, thatsocial rent apartments should be built, that senior citizens should be protected from the violence of estate agencies, that the vacant space should be used for neighbourhood facilities, among other suggestions.

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