Year/s: Started 1975
Project title: Casa -Taller de Marionetas de Pepe Otal

Organisers: Asociación Casa -Taller de Marionetas de Pepe Otal
Collaborations: Compañía Jordi Bertran, Compañía Giramundo, Compañía Rambling Puppets, Compañía de Títeres Errantes, Marionetes Nòmades,Anita Maravillas Teatro, Pinotxo en bicicleta, as well as other companies and district organisations.
Project type: Socio-Cultural, Artistic
Main subject: Creative Centre specialising in the arts of puppetry and object theatre
Key concepts: Puppetry, Object Theatre, creative processes and research

The Casa-Taller de Marionetas de Barcelona, created by Master Puppeteer Pepe Otal, is an artistic production centre, a centre specialising in the arts of puppetry, and the development ofpuppetry for adult audiences. Its objective is, using the language of puppetry and their theatrical possibilities, to carry out social work, open to the city .
Social projects includeDones i Mans, Trastocando, Trasterería, Títeres para Tod@s, projects which change the puppet intoa tool for cohesion, transformation and social action.


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Photos: Casa-Taller Marionetas Pepe Otal

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