Year/s: Started during the 2004-2005 course
Project title: Xamfrà, Centre de Música i Escena del Raval

Organisers: ARC -Taller de Música, Fundació Privada.
Collaborations: City Organisations
Tipus de projecte: Community,Culture, Education
Tema: Music, dance and theatre as tools for participation and social inclusion.
Key concepts: Training, participation, cultural, community and social promotion. Social issues awareness

Xamfra is a centre of music and theatre in the Raval district of Barcelona, which promotes arts and music to create a meeting place for children, teenagers, senior citizens and families in the Raval and citywide in which to share experiences through music and theatre.Xamfraorganises workshops in music, dance, and theatrearts for different ages and social environments, for example, workshops for women, families, children and teenagers, people with disabilities, people at risk of social exclusion, immigrants, and residents
in general. All activities are collective.


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Photos: Projecte Xamfrà

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