Year/s: Started 1983
Project title: Casal dels Infants per l'acció social als barris

Organisers: Associació Casal dels Infants per l'acció social als barris
Collaborations: Voluntaries and city organisations, schools, companies, institutions
Project type: Social, Cultural, Cooperation, Education
Main subject: To promote social and educational action in vulnerable areas
Key concepts: Social network, inclusion,voluntary work, community

Casal dels Infants is a voluntary association which runs a project of citizen involvement responding to situations of exclusion, especially among children and their families. Casal dels Infants joins up with initiatives sharing their ideas of​​construction and transformation based uponsocial commitment and social cohesion.
Since 1983 Casal
has carried out several projects in relation to children, adolescents, and their families. Starting in the Raval area, the Casal today brings together the efforts of more than 1,200 people to give a lift to the most vulnerable districts in Barcelona (Raval and Besos), Sant Adria del Besos (La Mina) , Badalona (Llefià and Sant Roc), Santa Coloma de Gramenet and Salt, as well as cooperating in projects with organisations in Morocco (Tangier and Casablanca).

Some of the projects of the Casal are Acció per un Barri Educador. Atenció 0-2: Projecte minúscula. Projecte Vincles. Radio del Casal dels Infants Radio del Casal. Joves reporters., and other initiatives such as sponsoring a training workshop for teenagers at risk, offering support for children and teenagers in the use of new technologies, volunteeringpoints, and open studyclassrooms.


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Photos: Casal dels Infants

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