Year/s: Started 2009
Project title:Espai Setba

Organisers:Fundació Setba
Collaborations: Organisations and teachers
Tipus de projecte: Cultural, project of solidarity
Main subject: Promoting art and culture, comprehensive care of people at risk of social exclusion, preservation and improvement of the environment and quality of life.
Key concepts:Collaborative work in culture, social values and sustainability

The Setba Foundation was founded in 2009 in Barcelona, originating with cultural projects carried out since 2007 by Setba Art Zone, a multipurpose space devoted to the promotion of art and culture in Catalonia. Today, beyond being a space for exhibition and cultural distribution, the Setba Foundation, in collaboration with other organisations, develops projects, based upon the arts and the promotion of social creativity, for vulnerable social groups and groups with special needs.
Projects include Memòria de la Plaça (an archive about the Plaça Reial), Natura és Cultura, Setba Jove, El Balcó de les Arts, Grans i Artistes, cultural projects for people living with mental illness, projects for women who have suffered gender violence, and projects for teenagers.

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