Year/s: Started 2009
Project title: Hort del Xino

Organisers: district residents
Collaborations: district residents
Project type: Social, collaborative, grassroots
Main subject: Reclamation of vacant spaces for district and focusing in food sovereignty
Key concepts: Organic kitchen garden, communal space

Given the lack of green spaces in the district, a group of residents decided to create a community garden in an abandoned lot. This garden thus became a common space, open to participation, and, at the same time, a space for learning, and from which to obtain organic vegetables.
The project
continues to grow, and has developed social activities such as a library of books pertaining to kitchen gardens, workshops, research activities, as well as many others which, taken as a whole, open up the possibility of creating a social area in the garden, based upon a project of bio-construction which aims to provide various collective needsfor leisure and educational activities.


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Photos: Hort del Xino

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