Year/s: Started FTR 2002
Project title: Raval Comunitari- Xarxa

Organisers: FundaciĆ³ Tot Raval
Collaborations: Neighbourhood organisations, media, neighbours
Kind of project: Neighbourhood project
Main subject: Help for neighbourhood initiatives and community networks
Key concepts: Neighbourhood, community, communication, awareness

Since starting, one of Tot Raval's strategies has been to support initiatives (more than 50) of benefit to the districtwhich shared many similar objectives with the Foundation, especially initiatives from within the community. The support offered varies, from occasional assistance to active participation in the definition of a project and its implementation in the region.
Some of the activities and the groups supported by the Foundation are: "Raval Viu", Ravalstoltada,
Xarxa Antirrumors, Jocs Florals del Raval, Cooperativa El Economato, Eix de Cultura Emergent de Ciutat Vella.

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Photo: Tot Raval

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