Year/s: 2014-2015
Project title: Car je est un autre

Organisers: Pep Dardanyà
Collaborations: MACBA
Kind of project:
Artistic project
Main subject: anthropology, ethnography, photography, activism, urban
Key concepts:
Another, identity, multiculturalism, propaganda, critical voice

Specifically conceived for the space El Gran Vidrio, this project by Pep Dardanyà took its title from the words of the poet Arthur Rimbaud, "I is another" and was constructed as a process of appropriation of texts, discourses and identities. Four large retro-illuminated photographs were embedded in empty structures of aluminium and glass which separated the interior of the MACBA from the exterior. The Images were of four busts among many made by sculptor and anthropologist Eudald Serra Güell during his travels around the world in search of objects for the collection of the Ethnological Museum of Barcelona. These photographs presented brands from promotional campaigns of events in Barcelona at the turn of the century, and also presented small "tropoi" which suggested the conflicts implicit within the idea of a multicultural society. At the same time, a QR code allowed for public interaction using a mobile phone, tablet or computer to access the virtual profile of each photograph, which not only reconstructed the identity of each figure represented in the bust, but which also recovered their critical voice. (Source: MACBA).

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