Year/s: 2008
Project title: Post it City

Organisers: Martí Peran (curator); Rabia Williams, Francisco Blanes, Donís Escorza, Mireia Feliu, Roberto García, M. Dolors González, Laura Marte, Glòria Safont-Tria, Lia Solé, Eva Sastre Forest, Huseyin Alptekin, Raquel Friera, Nuria Güell, Natalia Angel, Alex Brahim, Jep Cardona, Dirk Nagel, Anna Recasens (artists, among others).
Collaborations: CCCB
Kind of project:
Main subject: public space, urban, self-management, recycling
Key concepts:
temporary employment, archiving, production processes, dissent, subjective imagery

The Post-it City concept described different temporary uses of public space, whether commercial, recreational, sexual or any other kind, with the common characteristics of barely leaving a trace behind once the activity has been fulfilled, and of self-managing its appearances and disappearances. The set of materials which formed part of the first edition of the project (Barcelona, ​​2008), came from different sources and from different work processes, and were conceived as an archive regarding different case studies, most of which were produced specifically for the project. Some of these case studies were developed in the Ciutat Vella as specific interventions. (Source: Martí Peran)

 + info: Martí Peran (ed.) Post-it City, CCCB, 2008

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